In order to obtain an excellent fit, our gloves are made by the traditional methods used in the Causse workshops since 1892.
    Only a very high quality skin, treated exclusively for glove-making and fashioned by our master glove-makers can give a glove with a perfect fit which will keep all its qualities for a long time.
    During the first fitting, the glove should cover your hand as closely as possible, moulding to its shape, thus giving you a great level of comfort after a few hours wear when it has been "broken in" to your hand.

    To measure the size of your hand, put the tape on the back of the hand, holding it with the thumb and covering the knuckles.
    Measure around the hand over the inside of the palm but without the thumb.
    Close the hand and take the measurement without squeezing too tight. Read off the measurement on the conversion table below in order to find out your glove size.

    cm 17,5 19 20 21,5 23 24 25,5 27
    size 6,5 7 7,5 8 8,5 9 9,5 10