For more than one hundred and twenty years, the company has been making nothing but gloves, fashion accessories that have become objects of desire.

Causse makes veritable jewellery for the hands in lambskin, peccary, calfskin, crocodile and python, often with funny, subtle, sometimes off-the-wall details.

Having formed part of Chanel’s Métiers d'Art network since 2012, Causse has been able to conserve the French heritage and know-how that adorns each of its creations.

Carte de coloris, début du XXè siècle

International birthplace of the glove, Millau saw the establishment of the Causse company in 1892 when Paul, Jules and Henri Causse, three brothers who worked as glove cutters and makers, decided to set up their own firm.

Their talent was quickly recognised and, while Paul became sole director of the company in 1897, Jules and Henri went to the United States where their know-how was put to good use in the aptly-named town of Gloversville, where at that time 90% of American gloves were produced. In France, Jean Causse, Paul’s son, took over the family firm in 1935, and handed it on to his own son Christian in 1963. Christian was soon joined by his brother Jean-Paul.

The fourth generation was then led by Olivier Causse.

La famille Causse

Since 2003 Causse has supplied the greatest names in fashion, including Hermès, Chanel and Louis Vuitton and its gloves are worn by many celebrities such as Karl Lagerfeld, Madonna and Kylie Minogue.

Ultime geste du parcours de fabrication : le dressage du gant