A story of tradition

Founded in 1892, Causse has long been one of Millau’s great glove-making companies.

The company has always demonstrated a taste for inventiveness and excellence.

The opening of its first Parisian boutique at 12 rue de Castiglione, in the heart of the ancient luxury goods district, provided a refined, contemporary setting - designed by architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte - where it can offer its customers a cheerful vision of the glove.

Glove-making always starts with the skin.

In the historical leather and glove manufacturing centre of Millau, the tanners have for centuries held the secrets of a material that can make the glove like a second skin for the hand. Lambskin, peccary, deer, python, ostrich...

The noblest, supplest and finest skins are rigorously chosen to ensure the exceptional quality of the gloves.

Souplesse et finesse sont les pré-requis d’un cuir de ganterie

Then the long, painstaking process of creating a glove can begin.

Some designs require the craftsmen and women to carry out a hundred operations to transform the skin into a glove: parcelling up, dampening, stretching, table-cutting, stretching sideways, cutting; then marking, webbing out, rounding the fingertips, decorating; then sewing either by machine – saddle-stitch, cross-stitch or pique-stitch – or by hand; finally checking, ironing, pairing...

Le travail et la coupe des gants de peau

Deftly repeating these delicate procedures, each craftsman is a virtuoso of knowledge and techniques learned in the Causse workshops from generation to generation. Expert eyes, an unparalleled sense of touch, it takes them many years to acquire exactly the right gesture.

Étavillonage d’un gabarit de gant

Some of the modest but precious tools dating from the founding of the company in 1892 are still used to make gloves today: for the cutter, scissors, boxwood rulers – known as “Charlemagne’s foot", spud knives without a sharp edge; for the seamstress, sewing machines and spindles that were already in use at the beginning of the last century.

Les outils du gantier


With time and technological development, new tools have been invented. However, although mechanisation may have appeared a long time ago automation is out of the question.

The beautiful objects that are Causse gloves are always entirely hand-made.

Dernière étape de confection : le repassage sur la main chaude