« In Millau you don’t talk about a glove factory, nor a mill, but a manufactory; and rightly so, because this choice of name highlights the human labour that is carried out and honoured there. »
Élian J Finbert. 1942

The Causse manufactory, designed by architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte, is highly symbolic: of a craft that has become rare but is firmly orientated towards the future; of the continuation of a story begun in 1892 by Paul Causse and his brothers and which forms part of the saga of Millau’s great manufactories.

The glove-making techniques still involve a permanent quest for perfection and excellence: a precious heritage that thirty or so craftsmen and women endeavour to keep alive while producing 25,000 pairs every year.

Ateliers de la manufacture Causse à Millau

Master glove-makers, seamstresses, the workshop, they are all busy with the precise gestures that no machine could ever replace. These 21st century craftsmen and women like to demonstrate their expertise. The cutting and sewing rooms, imbued with a special atmosphere redolent of leather, are open to the public so that visitors can appreciate the magic of this unique process at close quarters.

Exposition photographique sur le gant à la Manufacture Causse

The manufactory reveals every aspect of Causse’s world.

A museum throws the spotlight on old objects and gloves illustrating the history of the company.

The boutique, situated within the workshop, presents gloves from the new collections on long tables based on those used by the cutters. All these elements are housed in a modern wood and copper structure with uncluttered lines. A glass gallery links it to the façade of the old building whose pediment still bears the name "Guibert Frères".

Manufacture Causse, magasin d’usine et espace muséographique