Throughout its history, over the 125 years to make gloves, the Causse said a taste for creativity and excellence.

Today, Causse draws on its heritage to reinvent its collections.

Always seeking a modern elegance, the company is also revisiting great classics from its history so as to offer an original approach to the glove, aiming at an “everyday urban chic” look.

The collections combine elegance, sophistication and simplicity. The women’s models, be they long or short and backless, have shapes that avoid eccentricity.

Boîtes Causse Gantier

Supple, fine lambskins with a glazed finish, in nubuck or peccary, remain "the" favoured materials for gloves.

Metallised finishes, varnishes, python, ostrich, crocodile or even iguana skins help to extend the limits of the company’s know-how.

Gants Garbo, en cuir d’agneau et vison

Causse has started a series of collaborations with renowned artists and craftspeople that have resulted in astonishing gloves. Covered with feathers by the Lemarié atelier, bejewelled by Delfina Delettrez, decorated with graffiti motifs by André, mould-breaking designs by Rodarte or Masomenos, perfumed by Iunx and Olivia Giacobetti.

In 2015, Causse formed a partnership with the young French designer Hugo Matha to create a line of "capsule" gloves.

In 2016, a new collaboration has been initiated with the Paulin atelier, leading to the creation of a line of gloves with customisable jewellery.

Gants recouverts de plumes par le plumassier Lemarié, édition limitée

Today, thanks to its exceptional know-how, the company works for the most prestigious French couturiers and fashion houses.

Gants en hommage à Schiaparelli, ornés d’ongles en métal de la Maison Desrues, édition limitée