• CAUSSE ARTY Collection
  • VOCATION ÉVOCATION, voyage to the heart of French savoir-faire
  • Causse & Iunx - Ether perfumed glove – December 2011
  • Mani Mani
  • 'GLOVE-MAKER' images by Patrice Thébault

    Spring-Summer 2018 :
    The glove-maker CAUSSE has allied with AMEY MARTIN, the Parisian House of leather goods, to create a collection made in France with a style from space: METEOR

    Since 2016, AMEY MARTIN has been creating women’s bags with the expertise of a leather goods artisan, very high quality leathers, and a creative futuristic world. The brand shares the same values of luxury and French legacy craftsmanship as the glove-maker from the Aveyron region established in 1892.
    Because the art of traveling has always been part of the DNA of gloves and leather goods, the wish of the Houses of CAUSSE and AMEY MARTIN was to create the ideal kit that would accompany a woman traveling to space, with a K-23 bag and a pair of gloves in reflective silver leather or in black and perforated black leather.
    Products on request, sold together or separately.
    Please email us at infos@causse-gantier.fr

    Soon available at the CAUSSE boutique, 12 rue de Castiglione Paris 1er, and also on the AMEY MARTIN online boutique at : www.ameymartin.com.
    Photographer : Jean-Baptiste Amey


    FALL-WINTER 2016-2017

    An exclusive collaboration between two unique types of savoir-faire : one dressing elegant hands in leather, the other adorning wrists with gold wire bracelets.
    From these two accessories, both interpreted and showcased by the hand, glove-maker Causse has created a collection of five bejeweled gloves inspired by the lines of the palm: "vie" (life), "chance" (luck), "amour" (love), "esprit" (spirit) and "destin"(destiny).
    They evoke the gift of the soothsayer for reading the lines and predicting the future. Each glove thus reveals on the hand what we can read in its palm, suggests a word, makes a wish and writes it in strokes of fine gold.
    An appeal to intimacy to inaugurate this new line of gloves branded Causse x Atelier Paulin.


    This collection where delicacy prevails, also offers the opportunity to customers to choose their own words when ordering at the Causse boutique (12 rue de Castiglione 75001 PARIS) or from the online store www.causse-gantier.fr - from October 1st.
    Photography : Jean-Pacôme Dedieu


    Portfolio AW15-16 - Exhibition, open until the 15 March 2016. Causse's Millau workshop.

    The House of Causse presents its autumn-winter 2015-2016 collection, photographed by Christophe Roué.
    Christophe Roué is a young, Paris-based photographer specializing in portraits of actors and icons from the world of fashion and the arts.

    For glove-maker Causse he has immortalized their gloves – turning, flashing and dancing – simultaneously covering and revealing the wearer's skin.
    The audacious compositions use velvet skin, delicate lace and soft fur to excite the viewer's imagination.
    The lens reveals the character of each model: the supple lines of a fingerless glove in lambskin, the fine ornamentation of long evening gloves, the cutaway of a short glove.

    Hinting at poetry in the prolongation of a curve or an ellipse, they represent an ode to the sensuality of natural skin gloves and to the touch of the hands that wear them.
    This new exhibition, GANTS DE PEAU - (LEATHER GLOVES) - is open until the 15 March 2016 on the mezzanine of Causse's Millau workshop.

  • Maison Causse x Hugo Matha

    A living accessory, a second skin for the hand, the glove is an enigma. Its panels extend and shadow the hand's movements, the whirling flourishes of a speech, the grace of a pose, and the facets and caresses of sheer elegance. Thus, the glove affirms itself as a magic accessory to speech, a secret weapon to the subtle art of seduction, the beauty of an emphasised prose.
    Maison Causse and designer Hugo Matha for the first time join forces on the conception of a collection of gloves, one that speaks to a woman who is both modern and unique. Through their singular design, materials and finishes, each pair of gloves incarnates a story told, a poem of gestures and dreamt-of forms. The collection's designs narrate a shared process, a celebration of values and identity, with brimming at the heart of each creation a respect for know-how and the enjoyment of the artisan's hand, that very hand whose expert craft makes the accessory come alive, relatable and sensitive.
    The artisanal hand infuses the dressed hand as the collaboration between Maison Causse and designer Hugo Matha unfolds as a series of ornaments, beautiful dressed-up hands, gloves for a season full of class.
    Mathieu Buard


    This season 2014-2015, Maison Causse has expanded its collection of a unique collaboration - at once edgy and pop - with the designer Yazbukey : a capsule of boxes in plexiglas, each housing a pair of gloves with mouths, eyes, hands.. an arty affair !
    Each model in the main collection, with its strong personality and sensual play on materials, incarnates the dynamism of Maison Causse and its capacity for constant reinvention, allowing the glove to shine in its time.
    The vision of the glove presented by Maison Causse is at once joyful and unique, a symbol of eternal youth !

  • CAUSSE ARTY Collection

    Causse & Jean-Luc Verna Tattoœd gloves

    Since 2010, the House of Causse has launched a series of artistic collaborations with painters, graffiti artists and graphic designers under the name “Causse
    Arty”. Faithful to the resolutely modern spirit of the company and to a desire over the years to unify the exploration of fashion and of art, these collaborations associate the creative universe of the artists with the glove-making know-how of the company to give birth to singular gloves produced in limited editions. Examples include the “Rainbow” gloves created with the duo Masomenos, gloves marked with the famous character “Mister A” of graffiti artist André…
    For this new partnership, Causse has worked together with artist and performer Jean-Luc Verna to produce a “tattoo” glove, screen-printed directly onto the leather, reproducing the same tattoos that the artist wears on his arms.
    Jean-Luc Verna is represented by the gallery Air de Paris (32, rue Louis Weiss – 75013 Paris – www.airdeparis.com). jlverna.online.fr

  • « VOCATION ÉVOCATION, voyage au cœur des manufactures françaises »

    Photographs Sophie Brändström / Texts Valérie Paumelle Exhibition from 27 April to 31 October 2012 at the Causse factory in Millau

    “VOCATION EVOCATION, voyage to the heart of French savoir-faire” was initiated in 2011 by the photographer Sophie Brändström in collaboration with Valérie Paumelle, artistic producer. By making an in-depth study of twelve craft-based companies which are references in their fields and excel in their savoir-faire, they offer a glimpse of the rich heritage of French craftsmanship.
    This project, which takes the form of photographic essays accompanied by texts shedding light on the history of the craftsmen, invites the visitor behind the scenes of these places, rich in history, to discover the secrets of fabrication of unique objects, to explore little-known crafts, to contemplate the portraits of craftsmen that oblige admiration.
    This approach brings to light the savoir-faire of companies which perfectly illustrate French prestige, with products emphasising the values of beauty and quality, and through these, dreams. But far beyond the cleverness of the hands, the exhibition stresses the human aspect, bearing witness to a world of work: if the lens has focussed on tools, raw materials, places, it is just as interested in gestures, exchanges and complicity.
    During their Tour de France of craft company factories, which has taken them, among others, to the porcelain-maker Bernardaud and the boot-maker J.M.Weston in Limoges, the goldsmith Puiforcat in Paris or the silk manufacturer Tassinari et Chatel in Lyons, Sophie Brändström and Valérie Paumelle also stopped in Millau.
    They invite us to discover their view, full of humanity, through fifty images taken in the workshops of the Causse glove factory, founded in 1892, which is the guarantor of glove-making savoir-faire handed down over four generations.

  • Causse & Iunx - Ether perfumed glove

    The perfumed glove is a symbol of luxury and refinement, which finds its origin during the reign of Louis XIII, who introduced the title of Master Glover and Perfumer at the French court in 1614.

    Today, for the first time, the Maison Causse, glovers since 1892 in Millau, a major centre for French glove making, renew this prestigious but forgotten art by associating with Iunx Perfumes in Paris and the Alric tannery in Millau, to revive the art of perfumed gloves through a new and fully contemporary vision.
    The Ether perfume created by Olivia Giacobetti for Iunx in 2003 reveals itself in a new guise to sublimate the washed lamb leather and give birth to a glove subtly scented with myrrh, cooked rose and sweet wood, dedicated to 21st-century ‘élégantes’.


    Graffiti artist André is known for his "brush names" such as Mr. A, as well as for his "love graffiti".
    He hesitated for a long time before leaving the street for the galleries. But after having changed the nightlife of cities such as Paris, New York and Tokyo, he has given new life to his character through numerous collaborations.
    For his latest venture, André has called upon the House of Causse, prestigious glove-maker to the stars, to produce a driving glove screen-printed with his famous character.

    Produced in a limited edition, the mitten is well on its way to becoming a cult object for fashionistas and "trendy art" boys and girls.


    The gloves of Reiko Fukushima

    Photographic exhibition from 2 May to 31 October 2009. Causse factory at Millau

    "MANI" is the plural of the Italian word "MANO" which means "hand".
    "I doubled the word when I remembered that when she was little my daughter liked a poem in "Hyakunin Ishu" which said: "Konotabi wa nusa mo toriaezu Tamukeyama momiji no nishiki kami no mani mani" because of its "mani mani".
    Reiko Fukushima's gloves transport us into a poetic world which perfectly mirrors the soul and spirit of Japan.
    Her work is original, practically surreal, showing gloves based on the most unexpected subjects and with the most extraordinary shapes.
    Her favourite themes illustrate flora, fauna, the universe and its elements but also characters from Japanese mythology with the same grace and the same degree of fantasy: octopus gloves, gloves representing panthers, trees or magnolias, hot-air balloons, twinkling stars or the God of the winds. Her gloves push back the limits of traditional glove-making and are real technical feats in themselves.
    In just over thirty years of creating gloves, Reiko has built up an oeuvre which is rich and unique in the world of glove-making.

    Reiko Fukushima is a designer who was born in 1941 in Tokyo.
    She studied industrial design at the University of Chiba in Japan until 1966, but it was really fashion that attracted her. She first designed handbags, then became a fashion co-ordinator before joining the Berço studio in Paris in 1973 to study fashion design. Already enthusiastic about gloves, she went to Wrexham in Wales to learn manufacturing techniques.
    Her glove designs have been exhibited in numerous galleries in Japan since 1984 and have formed the subject of publications, including "Mani Mani" in 1995. Three of her "bird-mitten" designs are in the permanent collection of the Fashion and Textile Museum in Paris.
    In 1998 she was named senior lecturer at the Bunka Gakuen fashion school/costume museum in Tokyo, which has trained great Japanese fashion designers such as Kenzo Takada, Yohji Yamamoto, and Tsumori Chisato, to name a few of the best-known, as well as at the Aichi Prefecture art school in Nagoya in 1999.


    Since 2008, Causse has launched a series of collaborations under the name "Causse Atelier" with fashion houses and designers whose prestigious know-how is expressed through traditional hand-made methods carried out in their workshops.
    These collaborations have given birth to gloves and other exceptional objects produced in limited editions. For its third such collaboration, after the bejewelled gloves created with the Italian designer Delfina Delettrez Fendi in Rome and the embroidered gloves made with the house of Lesage in Paris, Causse has just released a glove case made by the luggage-maker Pinel & Pinel in Paris.
    This case, designed exclusively for Causse, is entirely hand-covered in Pinel & Pinel's workshops.

  • "GLOVE-MAKER" / images by Patrice Thébault

    The book entitled "Gantier" (glove-maker) in the “Métier d'Art” (craftsmanship) collection published in 2007 by "Au Fil du Temps" presents a series of images about savoir-faire, taken by the photographer Patrice Thébault in the Causse workshops at Millau: "What Patrice Thébault shows us here goes beyond a simple inventory of virtuoso techniques. In the Causse workshops he has captured the sensuality of the materials, the precision of the gestures, the concentration on the faces, the dexterity of the hands, the very special atmosphere impregnated with the subtle odour of leather. One can sense the practiced eye, the unparalleled sense of touch. The whole art of making gloves". (48 pages; black and white photos; format 15 cm x 15 cm) – On sale in the Causse boutiques in Paris and Millau.