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Please read the following General Conditions of Use and the General Sales Conditions for the Site carefully

General Sales Conditions for the Site

The purchase of goods available on the site is subject to the present general sales conditions of the site ("General Sales Conditions").
Ordering through the site is only available to private individuals.
The resale or distribution of CAUSSE products purchased on is strictly forbidden.
GANT CAUSSE SAS may update these General Sales Conditions at any moment.
Moreover, each person ordering on the site will be required to confirm acceptance of the General Sales Conditions in force at the date of ordering.

Purchases – ordering procedure

The site allows users to order a selection of products of the CAUSSE brand from the GANT CAUSSE company immediately on-line from France. You can also order by telephone on +33 (0)5 65 60 03 05 from Monday to Friday (bank holidays excepted) from 9h 30 to 12h and from 14h to 18h 30 (Central European Time).
CAUSSE products ordered from the site or from the above telephone number can only be delivered to the following countries: Mainland France (including Corsica), the majority of EU countries, Switzerland, the USA, Canada, Japan and Russia.
An order will only be sent to a single delivery address.
For each product selected on the site, a confirmatory page will be automatically displayed, showing the photograph of the selected article, its colour, references and size, the quantity chosen, the unit price and the total price of your order. You must carefully check the exactness of your selection before confirming your order. As soon as you confirm your order, it will be sent to GANT CAUSSE SAS for processing (see "validation of orders"). While we make every effort to ensure that the colours and patterns of the CAUSSE products shown in the photographs displayed on the site are faithful to the original products, variations may occur, particularly due to the limitations in rendering colours on computer equipment. Consequently, GANT CAUSSE SAS will not be held responsible for errors or inaccuracies in the photographs or other graphical representations of the CAUSSE products which appear on the site. If you have any questions about our products you can of course contact our customer service department on +33 (0)5 65 60 03 05.
GANT CAUSSE SAS reserves the right to cancel any order from a client with which it is in dispute as a result of a previous order or if GANT CAUSSE SAS considers that the said client has infringed the present General Conditions or that he is engaged in a fraudulent activity or for any other legitimate reason.
For any special order, please contact our customer service department on +33 (0)5 65 60 03 05.

Purchasing – availability

The products and prices shown are valid while they are visible on the site subject to the availability of stock. With this in mind, information about the availability of products is given at the moment of ordering. Errors or modifications may occur exceptionally, especially if several clients order the same product at the same time. In the case where a product proves to be unavailable after you have made your order, we will inform you by e-mail or telephone as quickly as possible and we will offer you the opportunity either to order another product from the site to replace that which is unavailable or to cancel your order. If you choose to cancel your order, you will be reimbursed within thirty days of payment if your bank account has been debited.
GANT CAUSSE SAS will accept no responsibility in the case of unavailability of products.
GANT CAUSSE SAS reserves the right to change the articles offered on the site at any moment and without notice.

Purchases – confirmation of order

At the end of the ordering process, you are invited to click on the "Pay" button. As soon as your purchase is confirmed, your order is sent to GANT CAUSSE SAS for processing. It cannot be modified or cancelled except under conditions expressly set out in the present General Sales Conditions or under conditions required under French law. Confirmation of your order means that you accept all the present General Sales Conditions. A summary of your order will be sent to you by e-mail.
The data stored on the site constitute the proof of all the transactions between GANT CAUSSE SAS and its clients. In case of dispute between GANT CAUSSE SAS and one of its clients concerning a transaction carried out on the Internet site, the data stored by GANT CAUSSE SAS are considered as irrefutable proof of the contents of the transaction.
In accordance with article L. 1234-2 of the French Consumer Code, when an order has a value equal to or in excess of 120 euros, GANT CAUSSE SAS will conserve the document which records the contract made between GANT CAUSSE SAS and a client by electronic means during a period running from the establishment of the said contract to the date of delivery of the goods and for ten years after the said delivery date (in accordance with Decree n° 2005-137 signed on February 16th 2005).

Purchases – price

The prices of Causse products are understood to be inclusive of all taxes for France and the other countries of the European Union, but exclusive of tax for other countries. The prices are shown in euros. The total of your order includes delivery charges according to the option you have chosen (see "Shipping and Delivery"). GANT CAUSSE SAS reserves the right to modify the prices of the products offered on the site at any moment and without notice. The goods will be invoiced on the basis of the prices displayed on the site at the moment at which your order is confirmed on condition that the goods ordered at that moment are available. All orders made on the site must be paid for immediately after confirmation of the order. We only accept payments made by banker's card or credit card.
All orders are payable in euros. The banker's cards and credit cards which are accepted are: MasterCard®, Visa®, American Express®. Your order will only be shipped after verification of your payment method and authorisation of the debiting of your card.
Your banker's card or credit card will only be debited at the moment at which your order is shipped. In the case of non-availability of certain products ordered (see "Availability") only the prices and delivery costs relating to available products will be debited.

Purchases – ownership of goods

Ordered goods remain the property of GANT CAUSSE SAS until receipt of the total price by GANT CAUSSE SAS. In the case of a problem with a payment, the client undertakes to return any goods received to GANT CAUSSE SAS as soon as such a request is received.
On the other hand, GANT CAUSSE SAS assumes responsibility for risks related to transportation and particularly for theft.

Shipping and Delivery – delivery zones

Products purchased on the site can only be delivered to mainland France (including Corsica), the majority of the countries of the European Union, the USA, Canada, Switzerland, Russia and Japan.
Any delivery address situated outside these countries will be refused during the ordering process. For reasons of security, GANT CAUSSE SAS will not process any order for which a P.O. Box or Cedex number is provided.
Goods are shipped using the Colissimo Expert system of the French Post Office which requires the recipient's signature at the delivery address indicated during the ordering process.

Shipping and Delivery – transport costs

Shipping costs are calculated according to the destination :

up to
0,50 kg 6,55 €
0,75 kg 7,25 €
1 kg 7,82 €
2 kg 8,54 €
3 kg 9,27 €
up to
0,50 kg zone1 : 13,55 €
0,50 kg zone2 : 19,90 €
1 kg zone1 : 16,75 €
1 kg zone2 : 24,60 €

International shipping costs (H.T.)

up to
Zone4 A
Zone4 B
1 kg 11,50 € 14,00 € 14,50 € 18,50 € 18,50 € 18,90 € 18,95 € 24,10 € 26,75 €
2 kg 12,20 € 14,75 € 15,70 € 19,80 € 19,80 € 22,40 € 22,65 € 31,80 € 36,90 €
Zone1 : Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg.
Zone2 : United Kingdom, Italy, Spain.
Zone3 : Austria, Denmark, Ireland, Portugal.
Zone4 : Finland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland.
Zone5 : Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia.
Zone6 : Other eastern European countries and the Maghreb.
Zone7 : USA, Canada, Africa and Middle East.
Zone8 : The Americas outside the USA and Canada; Asia and Oceania.

When we summarise your order and before your confirmation, we indicate the transport costs. This sum is payable by you in addition to the price of the goods purchased.

Shipping and Delivery – delivery times

During the ordering process we indicate the delivery times and possible shipping methods for the goods ordered.
GANT CAUSSE SAS nevertheless reserves the right to split deliveries. The sum debited from your banker's card or credit card will be split in the same proportions so that it corresponds to the price of the goods actually delivered. The shipping costs will only be invoiced as if for a single delivery and will be as indicated in your order summary.
Goods will be delivered to the address indicated on your order within a maximum of three weeks unless specific delivery times are indicated during holiday periods. Delivery times are purely indicative and cannot give rise to any damages, refusal of goods or cancellation of the order.

Shipping and delivery – problems with delivery

Any defect or delivery which is late by more than eight (8) working days must be reported to our customer services department as soon as possible. Any complaint made more than thirty (30) days after the date of confirmation of your order cannot be taken into account.
You must check the contents of the package and the condition of the goods immediately on receipt and indicate, on the delivery note if possible, in writing accompanied by your signature, any problems noted (package open, damaged goods, etc.).
You should then contact our Customer Services Department by e-mail or by telephone at +33 (0)5 65 60 03 05.
If the goods do not conform to what you ordered, or if you are not satisfied with them you may return them or request an exchange or reimbursement under the conditions set out in the section "Returns – Exchanges – Reimbursements".

Returns – Exchanges – Reimbursements

On the site it is possible to return any goods within fifteen (15) days of the delivery date and to request an exchange under the following conditions:
The goods must be returned accompanied by their purchase invoice, or a copy thereof in the case of a partial return, in their original state and original packaging, to the following address: GANT CAUSSE SAS, 5 Boulevard des Gantières, BP 228, 12102 Millau Cédex.
However, a product ordered through the site which has been subject to personalised markings or modifications cannot be returned for exchange or reimbursement.
In the case of a request for reimbursement in relation to the cooling-off period you may return any goods ordered on the site and request reimbursement within seven (7) days of the delivery date. The goods must be returned under the conditions indicated in the previous paragraph. GANT CAUSSE SAS will do all that is reasonable to ensure that the reimbursement is made within fifteen (15) working days following receipt of the returned goods by crediting your banker's card or credit card. In any case, the reimbursement will be made at the latest thirty (30) days after notification that you are invoking the cooling-off period.
In the case of reimbursement related to the cooling-off period, the delivery charges invoiced by GANT CAUSSE SAS will be completely reimbursed.
In either case (exchange or reimbursement) the cost of returning the goods will only be reimbursed if it is justified by the non-conformity of the goods (error in product reference, damaged goods, etc.).
GANT CAUSSE SAS is at liberty to decide if returned goods are still in their original state.
GANT CAUSSE SAS will not be held responsible for loss, misaddressing or delay in delivery of goods which you wish to return to inasmuch as the choice of return transporter is made by the client at his own risk. For the moment, we do not offer the option of returning goods purchased in a CAUSSE boutique to the site.

Limitation of responsibility

GANT CAUSSE SAS can in no way be held responsible for any indirect damage or special or accessory incident nor for loss of production, profit or opportunity or any other loss resulting from purchase of CAUSSE products on the site.

Applicable law – litigation

The present General Sales Conditions are governed and interpreted in accordance with French law and without taking account of the principles of conflicts between laws. The application of the United Nations Convention on International Sales Contracts for Goods is expressly excluded by the present Conditions. The original of these General Sales Conditions is written in French. In case of litigation, the Commercial Court of Rodez (Aveyron) has sole competence and you accept this sole competence. GANT CAUSSE SAS reserves the right to require and obtain injunctions or edicts for the defence of its rights in terms of the present Conditions.